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Aqvainnova-Maurizio&Esther_NEWAqvainnova is an offshoot of Anubias and Aquaflora, two well-established companies in the industry that share a deep-rooted passion for aquarium plants and a drive for innovation. Anubias and Aquaflora decided to join forces, creating a synergy by combining the strength of Dutch pioneering with Italian innovation and design. Together the companies have over 50 years of experience in growing high quality aquarium plants for customers around the world. With a dedicated R&D team, Aqvainnova stands for continuous innovation. Making better aquarium plant solutions, accessible to more of the world’s market for both the professional and the aquarium hobbyist. 
Nature is the core of our product. We aim to continuously improve our solutions to reduce environmental impact from production methods, packaging materials and through creating efficiency in in shipping.

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